Walter Reissman - Business Savvy For His Clients

December 13, 2016
With the right practices being utilized at every turn, it is no surprise that Walter Reissman has become an expert in his field. He spent a great deal of time learning how to read financial fluctuations as well as being able to understand financial landscapes. The development of these years are why Walter Reissman has been so successful for his clients at MarketWise Trading.

While he has held many titles, Walter Reissman has been able to gain from all of them from founder, advisor, agent to banker, trader to investor all at a variety of different companies. His career spans more than three decades and he is able to complete a wealth of tasks due to his gained knowledge and expertise. He works primarily in corporate finance specializing in buy and sell-side equity research, operations, marketing and consulting. All of these elements of the financial field carry a common theme of intelligence and business savvy. Walter Reissman has executed over 25,000 equity trades, 10,000 option trades and more than one hundred investments in public as well as private companies. His widely spanned knowledge has helped him to develop a unique perspective on financial issues and come up with even more unique solutions for challenges and financial problems. He has had years to work through difficult situations and still help his clients keep their bottom line. Let him put his business savvy to work for you.